Amish Mishra
Amish Mishra
Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics
Florida Atlantic University


Hello, friends. Welcome to my website! Feel free to click on the links and the other tabs to see some of my work and background.

Competition Presentations

2022 Ignite Off! National Competition

I was awarded 1st place for my 5 minute presentation on my internship work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Here is a related article written about the competition: First all-ORISE Ignite Off Competition names ORNL intern as its winner

Ignite off! talk

3MT Competition

I was awarded Runner-up for this 3 minute presentation of my thesis work at FAU in 2022.

Seeing Data: For Now We see Dimly, but Soon We Will See Shape to Shape

Projects (on Github)

Machine Learning for sleep/wake stage classification

Utilized my personally written algorithm for Topological Data Analysis (TDA) for a data analysis project that involved classifying patient sleep stage based on their heart rate.

Matrix-Chain Multiplication Problem

Solved and analyzed using a Brute-force approach and a Dynamic programming approach.

The Delaunay-Rips Filtration

A computationally efficient filtration for TDA. Personally written algorithm that I used for a machine learning project for an upcoming paper.

Interactive plot of solution to 1-D heat equation